I have worked a corporate job from home for over 15 years. Based on my successes and mistakes I wanted to offer a few tips on how I achieve balance.

Balance = Work, Workouts, nutrition, Relaxation

1) Have a morning Routine
Get up .. Get Dressed… Water the plants … Go for a run …
Take a shower… Eat breakfast
Your morning routine should include everything that you would normally do if you were going to commute to your office.

2) Home office location needs to be somewhere with out too many outside distractions.   Make sure you can sit or stand comfortably.  (The couch and coffee table is not appropriate)

3) Schedule your day on your calendar
Schedule not only your work meetings and deliverables but also your workout, breaks for walks and/or stretching. When you are new to working from home the tendency is to work long hours without breaks. Don’t make that mistake.

4) Do not allow anyone to to schedule over your breaks. Breaks are important.

5) Plan your meals. In the least plan meals for the next day so that you eat nutritious meals and snacks on schedule.

6) Stand and walk around during online meetings.

7) At the end of the day. Turn off the computer, Shut the door on your office. If your home office is the living room table, put everything away for the evening.

It helps for me that my office and home gym are in the same room.   

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