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The Foot

Your feet play a big role in keeping you active. Do they hurt? Try the following: 🚶Keep good fitting shoes 🚶Avoid heels and shoe inserts 🚶Stay away from processes foods to alleviate inflammation 🚶Maintain a healthy weight 🚶Massage feet 🚶Stretch Also be aware that swelling, pain, and. can be signs of more serious conditions such […]

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Heart Rate

METRICS for HEALTHWhat do you measure?• Weight• Blood Pressure• Heart Rate during exercise• Exercise duration• Sets/Reps/Weight used• Food intake: Calories/Macros/Micronutrients What about Resting Heart Rate?Did you know that resting heart rate is important for more than determining your Target Heart Rate for cardio training? That’s correct. Just as you monitor your weight, blood pressure, food […]

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Going into 2020

I have spent the past couple of years contemplating how best to share my knowledge and help others navigate the good and the bad of social media. It is with that in mind that I will be sharing my favorite sights and information. I hope this information will motivate and help you with your fitness […]

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