Do you want to get out of your chair, or a car, or perhaps walk up stairs with ease when you are in your 80’s? And as a bonus strengthen your core and improve your posture? The step up is for you! |Step Up|

Strengthen glute muscles and core which in turn help your back and posture.

Equipment Needed:
A platform or box of 8 inches.
Lower height boxes (in case you have problems with the higher box)
You may also use a stair step in your home.
Dumbbells or kettlebells as you advance

How To:
This step up is done keeping the same leg on the box for all reps. Do not alternate
Eight inches is the standard height of a step. A lower height should be used if you have significant weakness or limited hip range of motion.
Start with your feet on the floor – parallel about hip width apart.
Place your full right foot on the box.
Push through your heel on your right foot and squeeze your butt as you lift up.
Keep hips level and do not swing the hip up or drop the hip down. (linear motion, not side to side). Avoid shrugging your shoulders upward.
Step down with control.

Work up to 3 sets of 8 reps per leg.
Why am I not supposed to alternate? This strict variation is to focus on technique and stop the tendency to rock the hips during the exercise.

Dumbbells in Each Hand
Once you have accomplished the step up without weight you may begin adding weight. (Start with 5 pound dumbbells)
When you can do 3 sets of 8 reps per leg with good technique, increase the weight.

More Advanced
Dumbbell in one hand
This adds an element of balance as it is an offset.
Hold the dumbbell on the opposite side (Left hand holds weight and right hand is on the box)
When you can do 3 sets of 8 reps per leg with good technique, increase the weight.

Indications and Technique Checks:
Forefoot on the box or heel hanging off becomes a knee exercise instead of a hip driven exercise
Hiking a leg up, swinging a leg, or dropping a hit is a sign of limited range of motion or hip weakness. If this is the case use a lower height and work your way up to the 8 inches. Also make sure to perform the exercises we have discussed in the previous posts.

Do not be concerned if it takes weeks to progress from a low height box to an 8 inch box. You will be getting stronger each time.

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Dr. McVey is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, specialist in strength and conditioning, and owner of The Warehouse Gym in League City, Texas.

The Mission of Ageless Barbell is to provide information that seniors can use to thrive. Research has shown that aerobic exercise, strength, and flexibility training along with nutritious eating and healthy habits can allow us to stay active for a lifetime.

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