I met Susan Townsend last fall at a USAPL powerlifting meet in Galveston. She was 69 years old and had been powerlifting since she was 67. What is so inspiring is that at age 63 Susan was walking with a cane due to her severe arthritis. Starting with 3 pound dumbbells, Susan has progressed to deadlifting over 200 pounds. Her balance has improved and she says “There are a lot of days when I don’t feel like working out. Some days it seems like every joint in my body hurts. What I know is that no matter how I feel when I walk into the gym, I’ll feel better when I’m done – 100% of the time!”
It is never too late to acquire an active lifestyle. A lot of changes we associate with aging are due to disuse. So get and stay active!
Link to KHOU interview with Susan:


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