The spine corrector is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It was invented by Joseph Pilates to stretch and mobilize the spine, improve alignment, and pelvic stability.

Scissors Legs and Helicopter Legs release the hip joint and stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors.

|Scissors Legs|
Sit on the barrel and bend back across it. Roll your entire body across the barrel until your head and shoulders are on the floor. Sacrum should be resting on the barrel with legs straight up.

Open the legs lowering right leg towards your head and left towards the opposite side of the barrel. Go as far as you can with both legs equally.

Raise the legs back to the starting position.

Repeat alternating left leg to head this time.
5 reps per leg.

Do not let your back arch. Hold core tight. Move the legs purposefully (do not let them flop)

|Helicopter Legs|
Use same starting position as the Scissors Legs.
Open the legs lowering left towards your head and right towards the opposite side of the barrel.
Move legs in a circular motion to the side until the left leg is over your head and right leg is across the barrel.

Raise both legs to Starting position. Repeat starting with left leg to the head this time.

5 reps per leg.

(This one takes a bit of coordination, but once you have it down you will love it.)

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