A must add to your warmup routines.  Not an actual push up, this exercise servers as a great core and shoulder strengthener.   A fun challenge!  

|Benefit |

Excellent Stability and Mobility Exercise for the Shoulder.   Strengthens the shoulder joint and rotator cuff.

|How to do |

Start in Push up Position (Plank).  Core tight and pelvis tucked.

Not actually doing push ups but this is the starting point. 

Rotate to the right while raising right arm to ceiling and stacking right foot on top of left.

Rotate back to push up position.


  • Look at thumb helps you stack your shoulder and stay in
  • Follow your hand up

Work up to 3 sets of 8 to 10.

You may alternate your reps side to side or do one side at a time and then change to other side.

Variations for feet:

    Stacked or on the ground next to each other.  (Feet on the ground is good for those with balance issues).

Variation if floor position is too challenging  

    Place hands on coffee table or bench in push up/ plank position.

    Either Rotate up with feet side by side and stack feet or feet stacked.

   Side by side is suggested if there are balance issues as it allows more stability.

Common faults:

Under rotation – not getting fully vertical

Over rotation – throwing the arm up which pushes you off balance and you fall backwards.

Sagging (Dropping) hips which jams your shoulder up and out of position – (go back and work on core and other shoulder position)

Which variation was best for you? 

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