Maximize your Warm up with the Inch Worm!

|Benefit |

This is a three in 1 exercise that works stability and mobility of the shoulder; activates the core; works hamstring flexibility and mobility.    It can be done as part of a dynamic warmup or at the end of a workout to work your shoulder stabilization. 

|How to do |

|Static Variation|

  • Start in a standing position with feet close together.
  • Keep your legs straight (do not lock knees).
  • Bend forward and put hands on the ground in front of you as close to your feet as possible.
  • Walk out to plank position (you may walk your hands all the way out in front of you if you are able. (ADVANCED).
  • Keep feet in the same position.
  • Now walk hands back to standing
  • Repeat 2 sets of 12

|Moving Variation|

  • Perform Walkout as in Static Variation.
  • Instead of Walking your hands back to the starting position, walk your feet up to your hands.  
  • Keep legs straight.
  • The limitation in this variation is your hamstring flexibility.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 12


When in the plank position you may walk your hands all the way out in front of you.

|Variations for limited hamstring flexibility or shoulder strength|

  1.  Using a bench, place so that it is facing lengthwise.  Stand back far enough so that your knees do not hit the bench while walking to plank position.  Place your hands on the bench.   Keep your legs straight.  Walk your hands down the bench until you are in a comfortable plank position.  Then walk your hands back until you are standing
  2. Place Bench so that you are facing it widthwise.   Place both hands on the bench.  Now raise 1 hand with straight arm  out in front of you (like a birddog pointing) while the other hand is on the bench.  Hold for a 2 count and bring hand back to bench.   You may do the same side  for 12 reps or alternate sides for 12 reps.

Repeat 2 sets of 12

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