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The Walking Lunge

IMPROVE everyday movements such as getting up off the ground, climbing stairs, and walking! Increase the amount of weight you squat! Everyone can benefit from this unilateral exercise.When lunging forward you have more momentum thus absorbing more force with the eccentric contraction on your forward leg. Balance posture and coordination are extremely important. This exercise […]

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ACL Injuries and Ankle Stability issues? Need to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings? Less quad, less knee strain, more strengthening of the stabilizer muscles (adductors/abductors), glutes and hamstrings.. This lunge allows for more body control than some of the other lunges. Benefit: Glutes, hamstrings, adductors/abductors, and core … How to doStart with your feet hip-width […]

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| Farmer’s Walk |Benefit: For all – Strengthens hips and core. Good strengthening option for those with hip mobility issues. How to do:Use KettlebellsUse proper lifting technique: Bend down to pick up, drop your hips, chest highMaintain shoulder tightness (shoulders back, do not round over)Walk Forward keeping hips even while walking. Do not shift from […]

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