Rotator Cuffs injuries are quite common. Let’s continue our shoulder series with some exercises for scapular retraction as well as internal/external rotation of the rotator cuff. Join Coach Zach McVey and me for a demonstration of the exercises along with pointers on proper technique.

Exercises include:

  1. Incline T’s
  2. Incline Y’s
  3. Floor W’s
  4. Floor Y, W, Handcuffs

|Incline T’s|

  • Make yourself into T shape and add external rotation  (which allows you to hit the rotator cuff).
  • Lay on incline bench with your arms out to the side in a T-formation.   Rotate so thumbs are pointing to the ceiling. As you lower rotate so that your palms are
  • Facing the floor.   As you raise your arms up rotate again so that your thumbs point to the ceiling.
  • Repeat 3 sets of 12.

Common Faults –

   Shrugging the shoulders.   Make sure to squeeze the shoulder blades together and drive the chest into the bench.

|Incline Y’s|
Floor W’s
Floor Y, W, Handcuffs

Dr. McVey is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, specialist in strength and conditioning, and owner of The Warehouse Gym in League City, Texas.

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