Bicep curls are for more than just building big biceps. When performed correctly they help to strengthen the elbow!

The elbow is made up of 3 joints. It’s role is flexion (bending) and extension.
The bicep muscle does the work of bending at the elbow. As you bend the bicep shortens. Turning your hand as you bend shortens the muscle even more.

How to do a proper dumbbell curl.

Start with dumbbells in neutral position by your side (palms facing your legs).
Keep your elbows pinned to your side. Only your forearms should move as you curl.
Keep your wrists straight. As you curl the dumbbell up twist your wrist so that your palm faces you.
Lower the dumbbell twisting your wrist again as you return to neutral starting position.
Use control

Other equipment to use for Bicep curls:
Bars lock your wrists into position. Keep your wrists in line with your elbow.
EZ BAR – Wrists slightly turned in. This gives you a midrange between the lengthening and full contraction of the bicep.
A straight bar – supinated position – not full elongated position at the bottom but do get full contraction at the top.

Do 3 sets of 10 to 12

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