Let’s strengthen those leg muscles, core, and glutes with some stationary lunges. This lunge is the foundation of the other lunges.

Strengthen glute muscles and core which in turn help your back and posture.
Helps to correct bilateral hip imbalance (one leg weaker or wobblier than the other).

How To:
Starting position –Stand with feet hip-width apart (train track stance). Take a step forward with right leg and lower the left knee to the floor. Your posture should be straight up and down from shoulder to knee.
Your right leg should be bent at 90-degree angle (Knee over ankle or slightly in front of ankle). Toes curled under.
Keep toes straight in line with knee.
Push down through the floor with your right foot, tighten your abs, and squeeze your butt as you raise straight up.
Most of your weight should be on the front heel as you push both to raise and lower yourself.
Lower back down pushing through front heel and repeat the sequence with the same leg for 8 reps, then switch to the other leg for 8 reps.

Work up to 3 sets of 8 reps per leg with good technique and consistent range of motion.
Once you are comfortable with the body weight squats you can add dumbbells in each hand.
Indications and Technique Checks:
Too wide, too long or too narrow a stance can lead to balance issues.
Turning the toes out can cause knee injury. Keep toes pointed forward.
If you have mobility issues add a small box under the left knee so that you are not going down as far. Continue with the exercises described in the previous videos.

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