One of the missions of Ageless Barbell is to provide information to help everyone make good fitness choices. With the onslaught of the remote and virtual training I thought it would be a good time to give some pointers on how to find appropriate programs for you. Although I will be focusing this discussion on remote trainers, much of the content is applies to in person training as well. There are a lot of good trainers out there and there are just as many bad ones. So how do you find the good ones?

Before contacting a trainer, decide what you wish to accomplish. Being able to effectively communicate your goals will help the trainer design a program to fit you. If you have not done any strength or cardio training in years your goal would probably be to “get started”.

What should I expect during your first meeting?

Your first meeting will be to get acquainted and discuss your current fitness level. Expect to have a long conversation with your prospective trainer in which you begin by explaining your activity level and expectations. This conversation could be on the phone or via computer (skype, zoom, etc). The conversation should never be through text or email unless it is a precursor to the call.

In order to create a personalized program, the trainer will ask:

– Your activity Level
– Daily Routine
– Medical conditions
– Physical or medical limitations
– Past exercise experience
– Current exercise routine
– Activities that you enjoy (active and sedentary)

In return you should ask questions. See the examples below:

– What is your experience working with older adults?
– If I have no physical/ medical limitations, do you consider my age a limitation?
– How will you design a custom program for me?
– Do you program for a specific time period? (Most trainers write plans for a minimum of 3 to 4 week cycles)
– How often may I engage with you for questions or feedback?
– How will I receive feedback?
– What types of programs do you offer for online clients?
o A training plan only
o A training plan that requires client to submit videos for feedback
o One on One training sessions online with immediate feedback
o Group Sessions
o Combinations
o Other

Regardless of what you choose, your trainer should provide instruction on the exercises and expect to have you video portions of your workouts in order to provide feedback. Whether you are just beginning a program or are an experienced, you will want interaction with the trainer. It is important that the trainer provide feedback on your form to ensure proper technique and prevent injury.

If you are satisfied with the trainer and feel that he / she is the right fit for you then you will want to discuss rate, schedules, payments, and next steps.

One of the next steps is a detailed fitness assessment as well as a medical history and release. This should not be neglected.

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