AgelessBarbell’s Nancy Flynn and TheWareHouseGym’s Dr Zach McVey bring together the shoulder prehab / rehab series with a primary exercise that will integrate all the movements that we have worked over the past months with a fundamental lift that will develop the shoulders and stimulate the rotator cuff.

 This is a variation of the Overhead Press, sometimes called the Arnold Press.   This is a great exercise for shoulder rehab, prehab, and core exercise for developing the shoulders.

|Overhead Press|

Benefit: Develop the shoulders and stimulate the rotator Cuff

3 Sets of 10 to 12 as a prehab / rehab exercise. Use a weight light enough to perform the reps with strict technique.

|Dumbbell Version|

Start in the Neutral position.  Press dumbbells overhead and rotate the palms forward (pronate).  This is a natural motion of the shoulders.  Elbows should flare out about forehead level.

Looking from the side, at top of range the ears should be covered by the arms and you should see the front and back of the head.

|Kettlebell Version|

Exact same motion as the dumbbells but the kettlebells are on the outside of the arms pulling you into external rotation.  This requires that you stabilize better.

Make sure to keep wrists rigid.


If a person has more mobility issues or rotator cuff issues, start off with dumbbells and move to kettlebells.

Technique Check:

Improper position – pushing the lower Back to a swayed in position to get dumbbell overhead(lordotic spine )   

To correct – Tighten the core and squeeze shoulders. 

Hand position for kettlebells:

Wrist should not be cocked back.   – Tighten up (squeeze the pinky and point your finger to ceiling helps keep the wrist straight).

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