AgelessBarbell’s Nancy Flynn and TheWareHouseGym’s Dr Zach McVey take you through a Shoulder Warm Up and Range of Motion Series that is appropriate for all ages.  

| Dr McVey’s Shoulder Warm Up |
1. Elbow Circles: 1 set, 10 -12 Reps
2. Shoulder Circles: 1 set, 10 -12 Reps
3. Over and Backs: 1 set, 10 -12 Reps
4. Bear Hugs: 1 set, 10 -12 Reps (alternate right arm under then left arm under)

5. Ins and Outs: 1 set, 10 -12 Reps

Everybody needs a good shoulder warmup. This is an easy routine that benefits all ages. Those of you who spend your day on a computer might also want to try it out in the middle of your day. It feels great! 

 Use the tips below while performing the exercises to obtain the most benefit:

 |Elbow Circles|

Benefit: Protraction and Retraction of the shoulder blades.  Warm up Shoulder girdle.

Keep Elbows pinned into your sides. Perform 10-12 reps forward and then 10-12 reps backward.

|Shoulder Circles|

Benefit: Full circumduction.  Full range of motion

Keep shoulder blades squeezed together and allow chest to open up.  Perform 10-12 reps forward and then 10-12 reps backward.

|Over and Back|

Benefit: Range of Motion and stretch on triceps

Swing Arms forward and Backwards. Maintain good shoulder posture.  Do not let shoulders sag or elevate.

|Bear Hug|

Benefit: Increase shoulder range of motion.

Right over left and then left over right.  Squeeze shoulder blades together as arms are going back, then let the arms come all the way across.

|Ins and Outs|

Benefit: Range of motion. Straighten arms out laterally into T-shape. Reach out with fingertips during entire exercise.  Internally and Externally rotate.  Maintain good shoulder posture and do not shrug as you are doing internal rotation.

Dr. McVey is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, specialist in strength and conditioning, and owner of The Warehouse Gym in League City, Texas.

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