ACL Injuries and Ankle Stability issues? Need to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings? Less quad, less knee strain, more strengthening of the stabilizer muscles (adductors/abductors), glutes and hamstrings.. This lunge allows for more body control than some of the other lunges.

Benefit: Glutes, hamstrings, adductors/abductors, and core

How to do
Start with your feet hip-width apart. Keep core tight.
Post your weight over the right leg and bring your left leg back lowering the knee down to the ground.
Note that the front leg stays stationary. Move back leg only.
Push thru heel and squeeze your glute as you come up.
Stay upright
Bring back leg up to front leg without bouncing off back leg.
Repeat on same leg.

Work up to 3 sets and 8-10 reps with good balance before adding dumbbells or kettlebells.
If balance is a problem, please go back and work the exercises that we discussed several weeks ago. You will not be able to add enough weight to increase your leg strength until you are able to balance.

Technique Check:
Too narrow or too wide a stance can cause balance issues.
Alternating legs can cause you to bounce off the back leg too much.
You should feel the force at the top of your leg near your hip.

Dr. McVey is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, specialist in strength and conditioning, and owner of The Warehouse Gym in League City, Texas.

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