Want to kick aging’s butt? Your 5 week mission – should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to Get Stronger Now with AGELESS BARBELL so that you can improve your health and stay active.

Virtual Interactive 1:1 Coaching for those 50+ with Certified Master Trainer specializing in Senior Strength and Conditioning.
  • Get Active
  • Stay Active
  • BE LIKE BOB when you are 98

Will you be able to do a 30 second plank and get up off the floor at 80, 90 …

This is an exclusive invitation for the beta version of GET STRONGER NOW WITH AGELESS BARBELL. This offer has not been released to the public and will never be offered again at this price.

When does it start?

NOW! Sign up now and get started.

What is the investment?

Clients $297 for a plan personalized to YOU! Check out my other services at

What’s included?

    •  Physical Assessment – The assessment will unveil your strengths and weaknesses in order to prescribe the best approach to getting you strong and active.  It provides a baseline that will be used to measure your progress at the end of the 5 week course.  You will be able to see as well as feel your improvements.
  • Let’s START
    • The fun begins here!  Discover the importance of warmup in preventing injury.You will learn the perfect technique for each exercise to ensure safety and efficacy.   As an interactive seniors coach I will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Moving ON and Getting the Hang of It
    • Your transformation starts now!  Based on your individual assessment, you receive a custom strength  training success plan.   Not only will you receive the workouts, but you will be provided feedback based on submitted videos so that you are certain that you will build strength safely.   Each module will build on the previous one, ensuring that you get stronger each week and see results.
  • WOW- I have improved
    • This is the fun part.   We will do a new assessment and using our week 1 baseline, you will be able to see how much you have improved.   This is only the beginning of your long, healthy, independent life.

About your coach

I have been passionate about strength training and sports my entire life and enjoy sharing that passion with others. Among my many sports accomplishments, I have raced sailboats at a world class level for 50 years; have a black belt in TaiKwondo; completed a ½ Ironman at the age of 60; and started competing in powerlifting at age 66. My certifications include: Master Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, USA Powerlifting Club Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Coach, Spin Instructor, and Yoga Instructor.  My blog and Social Media presence, launched earlier this year, is growing steadily.

More information and Additional Services?  

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